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Thank you so much for answering. I apreciate it Brit 💛. I can say that i agree tht hes nvr gone out of his way to ask for my number or anything. So i guess ur right. But lol i hope he doesnt go around sucking on all these girls lollipops. Lol

No problem ❤️ :)
I hope he doesn’t lick everyone’s lollipop either. Very unsanitary. Lol

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Love your blog btw ((: ok so i like this guy and we have been friends for a couple of months now. And were always flirting and hes always bothering me. We work together as well. But i also see him talkn to the other girls as well. I nvr thought he liked me until last friday i was eatin a lollipop and he took it out of my mouth and put it in his mouth...... And then we jst kept flirting. Idk do u think he might like me?

Thanks love :))

This guy clearly just loves attention and seems to be a huge flirt (since he’s flirting with you and other ladies)

It seems like he’s wait for the opportunity to come up where he can get a chance to smash. If you guys are only friends/ co-workers and he’s never asked you out on the date or made it clear that he’s only interested in you exclusively. He’s just messing with your feelings. If you really want to know what his intentions are towards you. I suggest being straight up with him and ask him “why are you flirting with me all the time?”  

Since you’re working together; You can flirt with him and be friendly just don’t get caught up. keep your guard up. 

I really hope he is genuinely smitten by you love and not trying to just fuck with your heart. 



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All I want is a 32 year old
Athletic build man
With straight white teeth and dark skin D:
Why is it so hard to find?

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